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​  "Author Trae Stratton has been able to       capture the essence of happiness in the         pages of this book.  I felt comforted,             satisfied and truly touched after reading     this novel.  5 Stars Easy!"                          -THE KINDLE REVIEW

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      Written almost exclusively from the perspective of

      the groom and his family, "To Have and To Hold"

      features a rare reversal of romantic focus that turns a 

      simple love story set in the suburbs of New York City,  

      into a timeless family saga that seductively preserves who

      is exchanging vows with Colin until the final chapter.

Colin MacLann is getting married and you're invited.

 As the hour of the ceremony draws near, Colin, his family, and friends, can't    help but recall the many poignant moments that have led him to the altar.    Utilizing a sentimental blend of flashbacks reminiscent of The Notebook and    How I Met Your Mother, these memories propel the story forward by closing    in on the present and offering clues as to who the bride will be: Cindy, Haley,  Tessa, Monique or Cara.


   Fun and light with a compelling subplot          

   involving  the identity of the  bride, this novel      is sure to charm anyone who enjoys happy      

   endings,  mysteries or both.

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All New Adventure

Featuring Matt Smith

​by Trae Stratton!!!

  "I always say I had to find myself.

           He always says he had to create himself.

    We've drunk a lot of wine long into the night talking

               about the difference."        T he Mystery Bride


To Have and To Hold

          A Novel by Trae Stratton